Thursday, 9 January 2014

Days In Wellington

Waking up in Levin after another excellent sleep, we had a breakfast of bacon and eggs, then enjoyed a long drive for Wellington. It was exciting to see the capital, but the buzz of the sheer imagination of great cities like Beijing and Seoul overwhelmed the pretty image of Wellington, as it appeared around the corner we drove. It was a sparkling seaside cityscape just like Auckland, but so much more humble - more quaint and traditionally New Zealand - it felt modern without losing its Kiwi aura - quirky and lush. I'd definitely recommend a tour of the Beehive and Parliament, but make sure you bring shoes - unlike Antony, who had to quickly rush out to the nearest footwear outlet to buy a pair. It is ironic that a Marae requires you remove all footwear, whilst the Government buildings demand the opposite.