Sunday, 12 January 2014

There and Back Again

Leaving Wellington, we decided we would lodge at the Foxton home of our Grandmother. It would have made more sense to stay at Rotorua, halfway across the island, but there was my Dad, whom lived in Levin, and was set to visit Nana at Foxton tomorrow. I hadn't seen him in about 10 years, and from the very beginning of this trip I knew that I would have to meet him again, one way or another, as if it was some obligation. It was hard to imagine at first, but having finally reunited with him, I was so  glad that I did. Yes, that below is a friggin' boat/convention centre behind us. We spent about four hours together before we had to go our separate ways again - Dad had work, and we had to make our way back home. With few stops along the way except for Tongariro, we made haste back to Auckland - back to work; worries and Wairau Road. This trip hadn't taken up much of my life - only a few days, but I came back feeling enriched, having got in touch with my family, my roots, and the countryside. I had reunited with relatives for the first time in years and even decades - Auntie Rose; Cousin Ben; Grandma Joan; Grandad Graham, and met some I never knew I had - My Grandad; Cousins Timmy and Laura and Aunt Suzanne.

But this is a travel blog, and that is the main point - to most people this was nothing more than an ordinary 5 day road trip, filled with nature; beer; beaches; beer; fish and chips; beer and more beer, but for a recovering hermit like myself, it was enough to give me a hunger for travel - and got me thinking of the future. If this cross country trip was enough to touch my imagination and wonder, what did I have in store for that trip to Asia my auntie promised me in 5 months time? I had 5 months to prepare for a whole new journey

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